• [pH]RESH! All-Over Cleanser-Face & Body 300ml


    Get [pH]RESH! every day with our All-Over-Cleanser for Face & Body. 


    • Vitamin C (anti-aging, antioxidants
    • Aloe Vera (antibacterial, hydrating, smoothing)
    • Argan Oil (deeply hydrating, calming)

    3 in 1:
    Face: Removes dirt and make up
    Body: All over wash, always keeping skin in its’ per[pH]ect balance.
    Shave: This beauty even whips into a silky-smooth shaving foam.

    For the whole family to enjoy.
    Safe to use during pregnancy.

    With [pH]RESH!, clean skincare is always easy, good for the environment and economical.

  • [pH]RESH! All-Over Moisturiser Face & Body 300ml


    Get [pH]RESHLY moisturised day and night with this light, all-natural lotion for Face & Body


    • Vitamins A, E & C – (balances dark spots, redness, wrinkles, rough patches, excessive dryness)
    • Squalene (anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and swelling)
    • Hyaluronic Acid – (offers deep hydration, balances wrinkles, nourishment and  a promotes a glowing complexion)

    Contains properties that help to fight free-radical damage that causes premature ageing and pigmentation.
    Always maintaining perfect [pH] balance.

    With [pH]RESH!, clean skincare is always easy, good for the environment and economical.

  • [pH]RESH! Trio Starter Travel Set


    Toxin-free, 100% natural, locally-made & vegan – Get [pH]abulously [pH]resh & clean with the [pH]RESH! Trio Starter Travel Set by Eco Diva.
    This economical light range offers all your basic face & body skincare and haircare needs together in 100ml small travel-size offerings.

    The [pH]RESH! Trio Starter Travel Set offers

    1. All Over Cleanser for Face + Body
    2. All over Moisturiser Face + Body
    3. Shampoo + Conditioner in 1.

    Multi-use, multipurpose and very affordable, this set offers 6 uses with only 3 products. Great for a get-away, a gift for a special human in your life, or to keep in your guest bathroom. #getpHresh everyday.

  • [pH]RESH! Shampoo + Conditioner in 1 – 300ml


    Get [pH]RESHLY Shampood + Conditioned with this all-natural 2 in 1


    • Jojoba (moisturising , scalp conditioner, anti-dandruff. Rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc. Prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness)
    • Argan Oil (detangles, anti-dandruff, soothes itchy or sensitive scalps, promotes shine and strength)
    • Marula oils (calms frizz, strengthens brittle hair, promotes shine and condition, nourishes from roots to ends)

     for all hair types. Feel safe using only clean, natural ingredients

    Always keeping hair in its’ per[pH]ect balance.