3 Natural Home Sore Throat Remedies

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Every year numerous victims are alarmed by a slight cough accompanied by a tingly feeling in the throat. These are the most common signs of an oncoming sore throat.  For those who are already burdened with a sore throat this to can be a further sign of the common cold, flu or a bacterial infection. On a more subdued note, dry air, pollutants and allergies can also be a culprit.

Here are some natural options to remedy your sore throat right from home.

1. Chicken Soup with Vegetables – A warm cozy and satisfying dish that hits home with many of us when it comes to a flu or cold. Chicken soup combined with nutritious vegetables can be a big aiding factor in reducing upper respiratory cold symptoms as well as soothing a sore throat.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – Helps prevent bacteria from growing on the surface tissue of your throat by decreasing it’s pH levels. Armed with prebiotic inulin it increases your white blood cell and Y cell count while boosting immunity. You can gargle with it or dilute 2 tablespoons into hot water and honey. This is a very soothing and anti-bacterial drink.

3. Honey & Lemon Combo – A common cold and flu option, mixing this natural agent with warm water and lemon is an old, tried and tested remedy for sore throats and relating health issues. It’s good at relieving cough symptoms, more favorably used for relief during sleep. So gulp down on this remedy before bedtime for best results.

Regularly munching on fruit and vegetables will also greatly improve your immunity. Include these in your diet/cooking habits. Be on guard for high fever temperatures and white patches at the back of your throat, if your temperature is higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit for a duration of 2 days or longer it might be wise to consult a physician.

Here’s to a #Cold&FluFree winter

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