8 Quick Fixes to Combat Stressed Winter Skin

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If you’re anything like me, my skin seems to feel a bit like a prune in winter as we constantly change from from the cold outdoors to heated indoor environments and the air seems to be much drier and harsher on our skin. In summer, your skin is able to sweat more, allowing moisture to be created. Moisture = hydration Hydration = anti aging.

This is what I’ve been doing to retain healthy glowing skin through the winter months:

  1. Alkalize your insides: To keep skin hydrated from the inside out, I drink plenty of well filtered water with half a lemon squeezed in. This fabulous combo calms the digestive systems and keeps your gut in optimal balance. Tap water is not as healthy as it used to be so fresh spring water, filtered or bottled water is best
  2. Be Pro-biotic: A vital part of healthy skin is ensuring that your gut is in great health. I take a super-strong probiotic each day that keeps my system regular and my gut calm and pH balanced. I can always see a difference in the health of my skin when I stick to a daily probiotic routine
  3. Clean to Glow: I always cleans twice. Every time I wash my face (and neck) and remove make-up, I do so twice to ensure all dirt and remnants of daily free radicals are removed completely. This ensures that my pores are always clean and won’t get blocked – leading to pimples (due to dirt) –  Face Wash
  4. Stimulate to Hydrate: I love using a gentle exfoliator every second day to not only remove dead, unwanted skin cells but to also boost circulation and stimulate growth of new, fresh cells. –  Ecofoliant Skin Polish
  5. Masque those Blemishes: Twice a week I use a deeply hydrating mask to offer my skin a combination of super nutrients and vitamins that penetrate and absorb deeply. My skin feels so supple and glowing afterwards – . Hydrating Masque
  6. Hydrate to Glow: I adore a refreshing hydrating mist that I can use as often as I like to keep my skin consistently hydrated throughout the day. I keep it in my handbag and freshen up every couple of hours. It’s so refreshing to skin, body and mind –  Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist 
  7. Get Glowing: I can’t stress enough how my skin just loves an oil serum. At night, before I go to be I apply a magical face serum that seems to do some serious magic while I’m sleeping and my skin never feels oily, just superbly hydrated   Face Serum
  8. Laugh a lot: I find that when I’m happy and laughing a lot, my skin glows more. Find things that make you happy and content. Your hormones are also assisted by your emotional state. Laugh as much as you can to keep your skin, health and mind gorgeous at all times 😉

Big love to you… and #FLYFirstLoveYourself

Nicole x

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