Breast Health Awareness

Breast Health Awareness

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Breast Health Awareness

Breast health awareness should form part of your daily skincare ritual…

What does health mean to you? It may mean different things to different people.

For me, and at my beloved Eco Diva Natural, health means happiness. Health means feeling vibrant and self-empowered. Free of aches and pains. Free of skin conditions. Health means the continuous search for perfect balance in everything we do and everything we are. I believe that with balance, comes a unique radiance, a lighter energy, an  inner and outer glow.

For me, health has everything to do with an holistic approach to life, with focuses on skin health, gut health and wellness (or mind health).

This month of October is a highlighted month for breast health awareness. I feel it’s important to  choose to focus on my breast health every day and, at Eco Diva,  we do this through our #FLY slogan which means; FIRST LOVE YOURSELF.

This slogan resonates with me because #FLY means the importance of self-care and the ability to spread our wings and manifest our dreams. With self-care comes the ability to be healthier, more present and more aware of others and the environment. This means a more conscious choosing of your life’s experiences. More kindness to self and others.

I feel that life happens through us, not to us. We are not victims. We are manifesters. We are creators of our own reality. We are the choice to be happy and healthy.

Breast Health Awareness: Our breasts are super-smart and multi-faceted and should be treasured and revered as the magical artworks of nature. They are the givers of life, the feminine silhouette and the protection of our precious hearts. So how are you taking care of yours? Whether you are male or female, breast health should play an uber important role in your daily health regime.

So, how do I take the best care of my breasts?

  1. I start with my skin.

The skin being the largest organ of the body, absorbs everything that is applied to it, so it’s important to be mindful of the skincare and personal care products we use on any areas of our body, particularly near our breast tissue.

The skin is one organ, that houses all of our other organs, as well as our muscles, bones, blood and tissue. For example, if you apply cream to your face, the whole organ will be affected either positively or negatively, depending on the ingredients in the products.

If you’re unsure whether a product will be right for you,  adopt a way of mindfulness and quietly ask yourself’; Will this product be good for my overall health? If you are quiet, you will always receive the answer in the form of a ‘knowing’ or ‘gut’ feel. Either a yes, or a no.

Listen. The body speaks clearly.

Take deodorant for example. It only gets applied to our armpits, so you wouldn’t assume it might affect other parts of our body. But, the armpits contain lymph nodes that connect directly into breast tissue. Breast tissue also affects the lungs and so on, down or up the body.

Now imagine chemically created ingredients, that are not in alignment with our molecular structure, as well as metals that are almost impossible to eliminate, being applied to your armpits to stop odour and perspiration. Metals like aluminium (that stop sweat – linked to breast cancer) and chemicals like parabens, tricoslan, TEA & DEA, all known carcinogens & toxic to the human body. These toxins travel via the lymph nodes and can land up stuck in your breast tissue. Then day after day, more is applied and compounds over years of use, with nowhere to be eliminated. It’s no surprise breast health has become such an issue.

For my best health, I always read the ingredients on any skincare or personal care labels before I buy them. If I don’t know an ingredient, (you usually can’t pronounce them), the chances are,  they may be toxic and could be dangerous to my health when used over a long period of time, like every day for years and years.

If you don’t know an ingredient, and you’re not yet quite trusting your intuition – get googling. Type into the search engine ‘is aluminium in deodorant harmful to health ?”

Here’s an answer that popped up for that search: ‘There are two main health issues usually cited when talking about aluminium in deodorant: Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.”

  1. I choose foods that resonate with health. Foods rich in nutrients. Live foods (raw) that offer the highest levels of vitamins & foods that are packed with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. I choose 80% plant-based foods.
  2. I choose to be mindful. Being mindful keeps me in check all time. I’m mindful of what I’m thinking, how I’m speaking, what I’m choosing, what I’m doing. I prefer to be a human being than a human doing. It just makes me feel healthy.

Here are my top 5 breast health awareness tips:

  1. Skin: Choose natural, healing skincare & personal care products that offer skin vitamins for healing.
  2. Gut: Eat for health. Choose foods that support your health rather than deplete your health. Foods that are rich in photo-nutrients, vitamins and minerals (fruits and veggies, nuts & seeds)
  3. Mind: Be mindful. Become conscious of what you are choosing, what thoughts your are creating and how you are feeling. Find tools to support your happiness levels, like meditation, walking in nature, watching a comedy or reading an inspiring and uplifting book.
  4. Supplement: Choose vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet if you feel you need extra support. Supplements like Omegas, vitamin B, vitamin E, spirulina, chlorella and Tissue Salts. All these help to support overall health, that includes breast health, from the inside out.
  5. Love: Choose to love your breasts, no matter their shape and size. They are yours and they are yours to love or hate. Choose love. Show your breasts how much you love them by performing regular checks (feeling for lumps). Gently massage your underarms and breasts with healing body oil or body butter to feed the skin from the outside in.

As always, remember to #FLY- FirstLoveYourself

Much love

Nicole x

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