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Egypt Insights 1

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I had an incredible, life altering journey to Egypt in March this year, that so impacted every aspect of my life positively, that I thought I'd share some of the downloads and insights I received while on this sacred trip to the Pyramids, the sacred geometry, the ancient wisdom and beyond. There were very many pearls.

This is Egypt insights 1 - a small soundbite of inspiration that's helped me to completely shift my perspective on how I was choosing to experience my life.

The Great Pyramid - Bite One

I have such gratitude that we were able to visit deep into a chamber in The Great Pyramid at 3am on 21.03.23 - a very powerful planetary alignment that enables a resetting back to 0.

While experiencing a 2 hour sound and breath work meditation with an incredible group of humans, it came to me that from now on, I must choose to reset my experience of every day life. That doesn't mean erase the 'past', but more about resetting the auto buttons on how I have been experiencing life into how I want to experience life going forward.  With more kindness, more gentleness, more abundance and more peace. If I choose to live mindfully (meaning minding what I am thinking, saying and doing) then I can choose to stay in the flow of life, instead of against it. What I like to refer to as my Channel One.

If you imagine our brain as a radio with only 2 channels. Channel 1 is the flow, love, kindness, self confidence, lovely experiences in life and Channel 2, is the fear, jealousy, anger, lack of confidence, hatred, drama and illness focused experiences in life. A vibrational frequency much like a radio transmitter where you get to choose which channel to switch to at any given moment of the day or night. So if we are in remote control of our own thoughts, words, actions and deeds. then we realise that we are no longer a victim of life, but a creator of our own experiences of life.

Try it yourself by waking up and choosing in quiet silence, your Channel One and how your day shall unfold in flow and joy and call in the love energy that shifts all darkness into light.

More to come on my Egypt musings.

Much love

Nicole x

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