Finding Balance in 202One

Finding Balance in 202One

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Finding Balance in 202One.

Finding your balance in 202One.

Hello beautiful

Welcome to our first Green [pH]riday offering of 202One.

We’re all searching for balance during this strange and unprecedented journey we find ourselves on. A journey where everything feels shaky and the future is more uncertain than ever.

A journey such as this, calls for:

  1. A re-evaluation of who we are in the world
  2. A re-booting of what we dream of being in the world
  3. A re-aligning of why we are in the world.

A journey like this beckons us to go within, to seek the answers we find not outside of ourselves, but to trust our inner selves to know what is best for us.

Finding balance in 202One

It’s a time to listen to our bodies and heed what they are telling us.

This journey is screaming to us, ‘You are per[pH]ect exactly as you are.’

And that is truth.

We are unique, we are diverse, we are the universe, having a human experience in different shapes and forms. Imagine if we all accept this and celebrate our diversity and our uniqueness, without judgement. No judgement of self, no judgement of others. Let’s #FLY FirstLoveYourself together.

To CELEBRATE the fact that we’ve made it right here, right now, at this time, means we are capable of making it through the next phase and the next.

We got this. And we got this together. You & I is us.

To celebrate the New Year and to call in the most positive energy we can, we want to gift you with 30% discount across all 7 of our Per[pH]ect Solution Sets, so you may stay in your perfect, glowing [pH] balance throughout this year.

Our wish is for you to find your per[pH]ect balance with your skin health, your health and your emotional wellbeing.

Happy 202One! Thank you for your amazing support.

We look forward to creating magic with you!

Much love.

Nicole x


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