How to Make Eco Candles – School Holidays

How to Make Eco Candles – School Holidays

Posted by Nicole Sherwin on

I was recently asked how to make candles by a very cute, young lady named Molly. She was keen to get stuck in to something fun for the school holidays.

For the life of me I couldn’t remember the method in great detail so had to do some research from the archives.  It’s quite funny going back through time to see where and what you were up to. Interesting thing is, I’m still as wildly passionate about natural & sustainable living as I was then. Must be in my bones… 😉

Anyhoo… I came across a segment from SABC3’s  Expresso Show, where I was demonstrating exactly that.

With Graeme Richards,  always such a lovely & gracious host. We were celebrating Nelson Mandela, so a bit of a throwback to 2013, but recipe & method still as useful and easy to create as it was then.

Thought I’d share with you. Take a look-see at the ‘how to’ video below and go create something fun.

I dare you.

Eco Diva Recycled Scented Candle

·       Find old previously used candles, candle chips, or beeswax to recycle
·       Essential Oil of choice
·       Toothpicks or chopsticks
·       String or recycled candlewick
·       Ramekin or cupcake holder or recycled glass container

·       Pour all the old candles and wax into a double boiler (be sure to take out any remaining wicks)
·       Melt until smooth liquid
·       Add in the essential oil (10 drops)
·       Tie string or candlewick to either a toothpick or chopstick and balance over the top of the container so the candlewick is  hanging from the toothpick/chopstick to the bottom of the container
·       Pour liquid into the jar and allow to cool and set for at least 24 hours
·       Allow candles to cure for at least 5 days before burning

Enjoy playing…

Looking forward to your feedback

Divaliciously yours,


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