Organic Veggie Boxes in Cape Town

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Every Friday, a delightful cooler bag is dropped off at The Strand Tower Hotel in Cape Town for me to collect. I initially thought it would be a bit of a schlepp, but you literally just drive through and the porters hand you your goody bag. Simple, easy and as just as the naturally good life should be.

Inside the cooler bag is a smorgasbord of delicious nutrition and health. A variety of organic, straight-from-the-soil vegetables that you just know are healing every cell of your being.

Inglenook Farm is located inside Jacobskraal Nature Reserve close to Yzerfontain. The grounds in this area are usually rather sandy and not particularly fertile. But 5 years ago, Sabine Osse and her team started to build up the Soil. They began digging deep trenches and filled them up with wood, grass, vegetable cuttings, manure and bokashi. Over Time the ground became fertile and with a net tunnel to protect the veggies, they now have a thriving, organic vegetable garden. To fertilize, they use their own concoction of tea with comfrey and other herbs as well as wormtea. Chicken manure and sometimes cow manure is also added.
Only organic pesticides are used, but they usually make their own pesticide with onions, garlic, chili and EM1.

Inglenook Farm mainly sells their vegetables as a weekly supply for private households and they deliver to different drop off points in Yzerfontain, Darling, Cape Town and Hout Bay every Thursday or Friday and payment is via EFT.

The standard bag costs only R150 and contents consist of seasonal organically grown vegetables and free range eggs plus gourmet mushrooms from Darling.

Additionally they also offer artisan bread, made from organic stone ground flower, with no additives. There is also sourdough (R25) , 66% rye (R35) and sprouted bread (R40)

As the bags are seasonal,  you can expect the following ingredients in a standard winter bag: Spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions, herbs, mushrooms and 6 eggs. You can choose between the Option 1: broccoli and carrots or option 2: cauliflower and celery.

In summer the variety will change according to what is available.

For more information and to sign up for your dose of weekly goodness, contact Sabine Osse

For information on Inglenook Farm visit their website HERE

Sheer organic goodness!

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