Self Care Sunday- #FLY Time

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- taking a moment every day for you.
Today, I ran a bath as the sun streamed in through the large open window.
The view of Lion’s Head, majestically spectacular with a glimpse of the ocean dancing in the distance.
I marveled at the beauty and felt instant gratitude.
The rain began to fall gently through the light.
The sun glistening through the clouds.
A rainbow, beautifully arched across the sky- stretched to perfection.
Multicolored, representing our own internal Chakra system.
A perfect time to reboot & re-energize.
I pour a couple of handfuls of bath crystals of sodium, magnesium & calcium to soothe my aching muscles.
My system is in need of essential & healing oils to relax me, rejuvenate me & re-invigorate me. I feel scattered. Too much busy-ness.
The sun dances on the water as I climb in to this beautiful experience of #FLY time.
This time. Just for me. Just for a moment. For me to re-member who I am, what I’m capable of and what I am able to create.
I give myself space & time to plug-in and recharge.
My face needs extra love today. I wash it with the gentlest, most natural wash that cleanses with kindness.
My face craves deep hydration & cellular rebalancing from the stresses of the week.
I gently and deliberately apply my face masque stroke by stroke, coving my face in gentle volcanic kaolin clay for deep cleansing, soothing & tightening.
Then the magical superfood oils, baobab, marula & squalene offer my skin the deep hydration it craves, to smooth my tired lines and give me that refreshed glow that my face is craving. Yes please.
I lie back, enveloped in a vessel of love and relaxation, listening to Deepak Chopra; Meditations on the Seven Spiritual Laws.
And I’m in heaven.
My nervous system calms, my muscles release tension, my mind - oh my busy busy mind, slows to a suspended place of peace.
Fresh inspiration pours through my calm mind
I deliberately breathe deeply in and out 3 times, releasing built-up fear and stress
This is one of my favourite #FLY moments.
Later, while removing my masque, it feels like I’ve also removed all the pent-up stress of the past few days. 

I watch it, round and round as it washes away with the whirling water down the drain. It's mesmerizing. Almost meditative.
My face feels refreshed. I slowly apply my serum. My skin feels in needs of vitamin c and vitamin e, it loves antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. My serum smells clean, feels like a large drop of love and caring. I look into the mirror and see my fresh glow. A glow that only comes with slow self care.
I care about me. I am worth taking care of. I am supported.
I feel happy.

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