We're having an online party - 2 Day Flash Sale Launch- 31st March & 1st April 2022

We're having an online party - 2 Day Flash Sale Launch- 31st March & 1st April 2022

Posted by Nicole Sherwin on

We're excited to announce the launch of our upgraded, upcycled new Eco Diva online Emporium shop, and we're celebrating with you for a 2-day Flash Sale Launch Party.  Come join the fun & enjoy up to 40% off. From 31st March 9am-til 1st April 9pm 2022.

Get glowing Divas!

You are invited to join the Eco Diva 2-day Flash Sale online launch party and celebrate with us by enjoying up to 40% discount. Plus, discover new specials, take our free skin quiz, get free shipping and gifts with every purchase plus earn Glow Loyalty Points and save.

We have totally revamped & upgraded to a brand new online emporium shop that promises to offer an easy, 100% clean shopping experience with very little fuss, and every opportunity to save & get added value.

Introducing the newest kids on the block, the Eco Diva Mini Solution Sets.

Find the perfect pH balancing Solution or Collection Set that is just right for you, with Eco Diva’s new Mini Solution Sets that professionally target & balance pigmentation, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema & premature ageing.
They also offer easy to use collection sets for teens and for the perfect man-grooming. These launch in April 2022.

Eco Diva, 100% natural, vegan skincare is everything clean, kind and ethical. From the conscious packaging and delivery, to the impact on the environment and animals, Eco Diva’s skincare products have been carefully formulated to offer the vital superfoods, vitamins & antioxidants that skin needs in order to heal itself naturally every single day. The results speak for themselves with visible healing & changes within the first 30 days of use.
Are you ready to be the Diva you were born to be?

What you can expect from the new Eco Diva online emporium: shop
- Save up to 40% on the 2 day launch FLASH SALE - 30th March 9am- 1st April 9pm 2022
- Earn points & Rands on our new GLOW POINTS loyalty program
- Take a FREE Skin Quiz - find the exact products just right for you
- Save on a One on One Skin Consultation
- Get FREE delivery with all orders R1,000 or more
- Join the Eco Diva Clean Skincare Revolution emailer for the latest tips in toxic-free skin care, gut health & mental health, as well as clean product trends, new product launches & fabulous savings opportunities.

Glow on beautiful. Get ready to become the Diva God/dess you were born to be and have healthy glowing skin every day!
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  • Thanks so much Kim, so glad you love the new website and thanks so much for your lovely feedback on the products and our team. We so appreciate you beautiful Diva Goddess xx

    Eco Diva on
  • Hi Eco Diva team
    The new website is absolutely stunning – Amazing product made by amazing people :) Keep up the great work Nicole and team !

    Kim Ebden on
  • Loving these new Glow Points.

    Nicole on

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