Holistic Wellness and Makeup Masterclass

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Transform your health and beauty routine with our Holistic Wellness Masterclass – a unique self-care workshop for mindful beauty enthusiasts seeking functional, pure, and ethical makeup and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Immerse yourself in this intimate, in-person experience at The Eco Diva Emporium in Sea Point, Cape Town, on Friday, 30th August, 2024, from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM.
Uncover the art of balancing your skin, gut and brain biomes and learn expert makeup application to enhance your natural beauty.

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Next Masterclass: Friday 30th AUGUST 2024 - 12h00-14h30

WHERE: Eco Diva Emporium - Suite 602 Sea Point Medical Centre, 11 Kloof Rd, Sea Point. Cape Town. Western Cape 

Embark on a transformative journey beyond conventional makeup application with our Holistic Wellness Masterclass. Far more than a typical beauty tutorial, our Holistic Wellness Masterclass delves into the realms of self-care, touching upon gut health, skin vitality, and mental well-being – crucial components for radiant skin and a fulfilling life.
At this exclusive event, delve into the secrets of prepping your skin for luminosity and mastering the application of 100% natural cover balms like a seasoned makeup artist. Our proficient instructors will unveil the art of contouring, shadowing, and highlighting, sharing professional techniques that require just a few minutes to master.
Immerse yourself in the immediate impact on your skin as you experiment with skincare product samples and tools provided during the masterclass. Elevate your well-being with a gut-health focused lunch and enjoy a 10% discount on all in-store purchases. 
Explore the following:
* Harmonizing your skin, gut, and emotional health.

* What ingredients to avoid in your skincare, hair care, makeup and food

* How to read your labels.

* How to balance all skin conditions naturally.

*Techniques for preparing your skin for flawless makeup application.
* Application of cover balms with finesse.
* The art of contouring, shadowing, and highlighting methods to accentuate your features.
* The benefits of superfoods for skin and how to address blemishes.

*Enjoy a gut-friendly lunch and refreshments as part of the masterclass. 

Learn to identify and avoid harmful ingredients in your skincare and makeup products, ensuring your skin's optimal health every day. Our unwavering commitment to clean, compassionate, and ethical practices guarantees that all our makeup products feature enriching superfood ingredients that are beneficial for both you and the environment.
More than just a makeup class, this is an opportunity to gain insider insights into the natural skincare and beauty industry while nurturing your skin health and contributing to the well-being of the planet. Register now to secure your spot at our upcoming Holistic Wellness Masterclass.

*Terms and Conditions Apply: A 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect for this event.

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Eco Diva formulations are designed to effectively balance hyper-pigmentation, acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and scarring. We have a proactive approach to ageing by providing superfood nutrition & super hydration that evens out fine lines and wrinkles.

What if we told you that the key to great skin is actually hidden in your food? Believe it or not, superfoods are some of the best ingredients for skincare. Here’s why: they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help keep skin healthy and looking young. Plus, many superfoods have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help clear up acne and other skin problems. So if you want gorgeous skin, eat your superfoods and ensure your clean skincare is superfood-rich. Superfoods are good for:
* Proactive Ageing- Reducing fine lines & wrinkles
* Collagen-Boosting - Promoting regeneration of collagen production
* Plumping & Firming - Tightening skin elasticity
* Calming & Soothing - Balancing skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema & pigmentation
* Healing - Nurturing & balancing scarring & sensitivity.

There is EVERY reason to choose superfoods, they offer plant-based magical healing properties that cannot be found in synthetics.