Clean, Ethical Skincare in 2021

Clean, Ethical Skincare in 2021

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Goodbye 2021 and Thank You

In gratitude for what can only be described as WOWZERS, this past year has stretched us to our limits of sanity, survival and ultimately to a state of ‘thrival’. We’ve had to learn to become warriors – instead of worry-ers. We’ve had to pull up our big panties and deal with whatever has been thrown at us from every angle, all over the world.

In the spirit of challenge, in the spirit of becoming a warrior, and ultimately in the spirit of adapting, we salute 2021 as the big transformer. The transformer of courage and resilience. Hopefully, the transformer into oneness. In the spirit of oneness, we salute 2020ne!

We have so much gratitude for all we have been able to achieve in spite of the global situation and most of all, such gratitude for you, our loyal, supportive, incredible customers that we call family. We are so humbled, so heart-warmed to hear your feedback on how our Eco Diva skincare products are changing your lives, changing the health of your skins and ultimately changing your happiness barometer. That’s why we continue to do what we do, pushing through all barriers to continue offering organic, vegan, cruelty-free, locally-made, natural skincare, for all human skin. Natural skincare that is packed with skin superfoods,  skin nutrients, hyaluronic acids, squalene, vitamin c, d and e as well as antioxidants. These ingredients assist the skin in optimising the best pH balance to maintain healing every day. Because we know that in order to stay healthy, we need to feed skin from the outside in and then take care of our gut health, that feeds skin from the inside out. So, thank you for all your support and for allowing us to achieve the following in 2020ne:

1. PER[pH]ECTLYME: We launched our PerpHectlyMe campaign where we put a call out to all humans, of all backgrounds, all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and ethnic origins. We were astounded at the incredible response and found 14 magnificent humans that represent our unique human diversities. Diversities we celebrate, for there is only one of me, and that ONE is US. Big thanks to all our contributors, production team, collaborators and supporters, this Human Diversity PerpHectlyMe campaign was a huge success and truly put Eco Diva Natural on the map of kindness,  oneness and self-love.

2. NEW PACKAGING: We re-branded, re-packed, re-booted and re-launched our whole look and feel to be even more earth friendly, eco-conscious and nature kind by printing directly onto our signature amber glass bottles and encasing them in natural, biodegradable box packaging that you can literally pop onto your compost heap to biodegrade. What a thrill and the feedback we’ve had is just lovely from so many different people.


3. [pH]RESH! New Range: In order to make natural skincare accessible to more humans around South Africa, we were approached by Mr. Price Sport and launched a brand new range; pHresh by Eco Diva Natural. An eco-nomical, multi-purpose skin and hair care range that is now proudly sitting in 10 Mr. Price Sport stores around the country as well as their online shop.


4. NEW RETAILERS: We expanded our reach and listed both Eco Diva Natural as well as pHresh Skincare on ,  and , making our vegan, cruelty-free skincare even more accessible. We listed with the day before Black Friday and were sold out of one of our line items within the first 4 hours of Black Friday trading. So exciting. More exciting listing are coming in 2022. We also welcomed Mr. Price Sport with our new pHresh range stocked in 10 nationawide Mr. Price Sport stores as well as their online platform.  . . Watch this space.


5. MINI COLLECTION SETS: You asked, we delivered, our brand new Mini Full Face Collection Set housing all 6 of our face products as well as our entry level Ultimate Trio Mini Collection Starter Set for only R395. The new Eco Diva Mini Collection Sets offer 4-6 weeks of glowing skincare results in our stylish new mini sizes. Great for gifting or for trying the range before you commit to the full size retail products. The results are incredible.

6. GIFTING: We launched our 2021 Gift Guide that continues to glow on our website up until mid January. Ethical gifting where the gifts don’t harm humans, animals or nature are fast becoming the trend, and we love it. Kindness is king.

7. SKIN pH BALANCE RESULTS: We’ve had feedback from so many customers letting us know how they are loving their Eco Diva Natural products as well as loving their skin for the first time. We are seeing such incredible results with pigmentation, eczema, rosacea, acne, skin sensitivity, psoriasis, premature ageing. We’re seeing results because we’ve per[pH]ected the pH balance of skin through our unique formulations. 

8. THE ECO DIVA EMPORIUM: We love our Emporium based in Cape Town and so grateful that we’ve managed to keep it thriving through such uncertain times. Gratitude all round.

9. GORILLAS IN THE MIST: I am eternally grateful to have been able to experience traveling to and spending up close and personal time with the magnificent Gorillas in Rwanda this year. A life-changing, life-affirming adventure like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. If you’re keen to follow my social blog posts about this, please feel free @nicole.sherwin   

Wow! What a ride we’ve all had. Each and every one of us has experienced a lot of crazy in 2021. A ride so foreign to us, so alien and so incredibly surreal. It is only by going within that we may find our true answers. Because that’s where they lie. within us, an innate intelligence that we have forgotten about. An intelligence that, when acknowledged and given some nurturing and love, can heal, shift, adapt and change, without drama. Just by making a decision to do so. This is our ChannelOne. 

So, as we say goodbye to 2021  – we call forth 2022 hopes and dreams that are currently under way. We can’t wait to share more news and launches and healing and kindness with you next year.

Thank you again, we adore you and look forward to continuing to offer clean skincare solutions for human kind.

Much love

Nicole and the Eco Diva Family x

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