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During our teenage years, hormones are still balancing themselves out which can lead to a series of skin concerns including oil control, acne and breakouts.  This is a really unique time for skin because it goes through so many changes. Taking good care of the skin’s pH balance becomes extremely important. There are lots of brands out there offering teenage skin solutions, but many, unfortunately are full of chemicals that do not match the skin’s molecular structure, so can be way too harsh to be putting on such sensitive, young skin.

Oily skin is a common problem amongst teens because during adolescence our oil glands become overactive. Sebum is a natural moisturiser produced by your skin. When this is overworked by chemical-based products, our skin becomes oilier than normal as the balance is completely thrown out, which can in turn block pores and cause blackheads and pimples.

Each day our skin naturally loses billions of dead skin cells to stay refreshed and renewed. Because this balance is disrupted during adolescence too many cells can shed, which can also contribute to clogging pores and cause breakouts.

Another cause of teenage problematic skin is bacteria. Bacteria is found on every skin, but only causes problems during an acne breakout when the bacteria spreads and causes redness, inflammation and irritation. It’s so important to keep the skin hydrated with the right mix of ingredients that assist in balancing the pH levels of the skin while feeding the skin with the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs to maintain healthy, bacteria-free skin.

I’d love to introduce you to our Diva Teen starter kit. . .the perfect combination of just 4 products to combat bacteria, remove dead skin cells, re-hydrate the skin and keep skin and tone in perfect balance, naturally. No harsh chemicals stripping the skin of its’ natural oils but gently and effectively caring for skin through massive hormonal changes, with carefully selected organic ingredients that offer cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, unisex, chemical-free, environmentally sustainable solutions to teenage skincare. We’ve done extensive research with willing teen test groups and the shift in the balance of their skin after just a few days of use have been remarkable. We believe through matching the skin’s molecular structure with natural ingredients, it’s never to early to begin an anti-aging routine.

What’s in the Diva Teen Starter Kit:

Face Wash – cleanses without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils to gently freshen & rejuvenate the skin. Always wash twice, 2 x per day for maximum results.

Ecofoliant Skin Polish – boosts circulation, removes dead skin cells and assists in combating acne prone skin. Use a half teaspoon size 1-2 x per week for maximum results.

Hydrating Masque – dual action purifies and hydrates to calm pimples without drying the skin. At night, you can even dab a little straight onto a spot as it appears, sleep with it overnight and wake up to spot-reduced and  even spot-free skin.

Face Cream – hydrates, combats bacteria, balances the skin’s pH levels and keeps skin healthy and glowing. Enjoy naturally occurring UV & sun protection factors in the ingredients. Use a small amount twice daily after cleansing routine for maximum results. Apply to face, eye area, neck and chest.

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