Mental Health - How to Stay in Balance & Glow

Mental Health - How to Stay in Balance & Glow

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We find ourselves in strange and unfamiliar times. The world went into lock-down safety mode with viral outbreaks, creating fragmented and uncomfortable experiences for all of us. People found themselves in panic-mode as they stocked up on sanitizers and toilet paper. Now it's all about the stress post-pandemic.

I believe this to be due to the constant information overload that is streamed ‘at’ us from every direction and at an alarming rate. The most confusing of all is that we are unsure as to what is fake news and what is factual these days.

We have discovered over the years through various documentary series, that governments, big industries, conglomerates and ‘the powers that be’ have an enormous effect on steering what information is streamed at us. Which poses a deeper question; ‘Who can we trust?”.

The time is ripe now for us to decipher and make our own personal choices as to what feels right for us, what is factual and what is fiction. With all of this information, there is a ripple effect on everything and everyone. We now have to deal with the facts that we are all feeling this pinch. From the staff at our local restaurant to the owners of businesses to health-care facilities and the chain goes on. The pinch is here. The question we should be asking ourselves is, “What will I now choose to do with this information? How will we choose to pivot and adapt in a time that feels unfamiliar and scary on many levels.

We can choose one of two frequencies

  • Fear - Panic-mode and experience a fear-based frequency. I call this frequency Channel 2

Or, how about subscribing to a philosophy that life is working out for us, that through this chaos is light and abundance, that through this shift there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work…

  • Love - Open-heart love- mode. I call this frequency Channel ONE - it's about becoming one with your self 

I have this theory that I have been working and focusing on for quite some time now and to be honest, I’ve been experiencing extraordinary results in my personal life as well as my businesses. Delightful results, happy results, abundant results and a lot of love.

Just imagine this theory is about ‘energy frequency’. It sounds odd, but it’s a thing. Everything in life, in the universe has an energy frequency, it just depends how dense this frequency is and which frequency we are tapping into. We have all just been strategically steered away from understanding this energy frequency for a long, long time as a way to control the masses. These energy frequencies, if understood correctly, give YOU the power to create your own happiness, to take control of your own reactions, to choose to live the life you dreamed.

Let’s call the energy frequencies Channel One and Channel 2. Just like remote-control for a TV or walkie-talkie radio, our human psyche (brain) operates on two major frequencies:

CHANNEL2: A frequency of fear, panic, unhappiness, poor health, victimhood, hate, jealousy, anger, illness, depression, lack of finances, low self-esteem = all fear based emotions

ChannelONE: A frequency of love, kindness, self-confidence, happiness, flow, gratitude, inclusiveness (one-ness), balance, abundance, comfort , peace, laughter, adventure, health, passion  = all love -based emotions

Just imagine that life may be a combination of mysterious combustions. Radio waves, sound waves, aqua frequencies and natural disasters happening continually around us and through us. We have no control of this. We do however have control over how we react, or rather ‘proact’.

Just imagine waking up in the morning and consciously choosing ChannelONE  – the love frequency to gently and effectively keep you in balance – the art of being present and pro-active instead of off-balance, unhappy and reactive. A frequency where we control our reactions to events happening around us. Where we create the loveliest, most harmonious life we can within this new pinch. Where we still follow our dreams, but are able to adapt and pivot to new ways of thinking and doing business and running our lives. Where we take responsibility for our experiences. A frequency of gratitude for everything we have, do and create in our lives. Where we focus on and appreciate our immediate family and friends. Our nearest and dearest. Where we feel safe and protected. Where we create the ultimate home experiences. The Danes have a beautiful word to describe this; HYGGE: Hygge is defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” It is about family and creating sensory spaces. It’s about uncluttered style, elegant comfort and feelings of togetherness.

So is this pandemic a good or bad thing? It’s all about individual perspective and choice. It might be inconvenient, but what it does offer is some slow time. I know I’m in much need of a bit of slow time.

Just imagine the time to breathe, to clean out that old storeroom or den. Maybe it’s time to get creative with the kids and get stuck into growing your own veggies and fruits, spend more time with the ones we love and ensure we all get through this together. Maybe it’s time to get fully stuck into recycling, re-using and re-educating ourselves. Maybe it’s time to re-train our brains. Maybe it’s time to bring more nature into our lives and homes, to ground us and make us feel part of the whole. Maybe it’s time to learn meditation techniques and practice yoga and dance like no-one is watching. Maybe it’s time learn that new cooking skill you’ve been waiting to learn…. maybe now is the time.

Just imagine.

My grandfather had the most wonderful, simple saying that he repeated throughout his life and now it feels more relevant than ever: “This too shall pass.”

Just imagine. And from your imagination comes manifestation. It’s like magic and we all posses the ability to create magic…. If you just imagine.

As always, so much love to you all.

Stay safe, stay hygienic, disinfect, stay happy and healthy

Love Nix

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