Meditation for Glowing Skin

Meditation for Glowing Skin

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Can you change and improve your skin health and skin texture through meditation?

And, is it true what they say?: You are what you eat. We absolutely believe so. The food you eat plays a vital role in the health (or lack thereof) of your skin. But what we don’t hear much about is, how what you ‘think’ and how you ‘feel’ also play vital roles in the health of your skin. Yep, those emotions are a roller-coaster. So how do we best harness a roller-coaster? We prepare and we cultivate with kindness, with grace and with acceptance. We arm ourselves with knowledge and know how to heal ourselves and support our own strength and well-being. We are large and we are in charge. We take responsibility for our own health and healing, because we really do know what’s best for ourselves. Imagine if we just dig a little deeper and really contemplate our selves.

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed (or irritated), your skin becomes stressed and irritated too. This is because our emotions are directly linked to our entire body. If you are prone to eczema or breakouts, they may flare up based on your emotional state. It’s kind of like an outward reflection of what’s really going on inside of you. If you are going through stress, or a loss, or heart-ache, or any type of trauma, chances are, your skin will show you that you need to start taking care of yourself properly. We all face trauma through various stages of our lives. The key is how we handle it. We can be reactive & sucked into the deep drama and pain, and hang in there for dear life… or, we can be pro-active, acknowledge the stress or loss, grieve, process and release and take care of ourselves and then rise up again.

Look at your skin in the mirror. What is it trying to tell you? Look deeply, and then really listen to what it’s saying. What is meant by listen is to try to connect with your ‘gut’ feel about your skin. This is very powerful. But ensure you listen to YOU, not others. Investigate YOU. Get to know YOU.

Imagine if you put a little time into yourself what could emerge and manifest for you? Begin anew, begin to start with a new  vision of hope and your dreams fulfilled. Then, imagine yourself there. Right there in your own life’s dream. The dream you want is still there for your taking.

Just imagine.

We delve into the psyche of skin health and not only are there numerous articles published in the natural health arenas on these areas, but we have seen first hand, the absolute power to heal oneself with the right methods. If only we knew the right methods.

There are 3 major factors that play key roles in whether you have healthy, glowing, normal skin – or skin problems like irritations, rashes, pigmentation, skin conditions and skin ‘types’.

Let’s break these down in a little more detail:

1. SKIN HEALTH – what you put onto your skin is of major importance. We’ve been flooded with skincare ‘trends’ that we follow blindly. Some of these are treatments that are really harsh and traumatic for the skin. They try to shock the skin into renewing itself. Then we follow the latest trend in skincare products, not really sure what ingredients are in these products and uncertain as to why we suddenly have skin reactions.

There have been numerous articles published regarding studies conducted, where it was discovered that the average woman applies up to 168 chemicals to her body everyday. Numerous tests have been published to establish that certain chemicals can create an abundance of adverse effects on our health and well being, including skin irritations, pigmentation, hormone disruption, heavy metal poisoning, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. As you can see, it’s vital to your health to become educated on the ingredients of the products you use. Educated enough to know what to avoid. With knowledge comes strength and then with strength, comes change. With change comes renewed self confidence, renewed cells and strengthened immune systems, because it’s our right to know how to best treat our own bodies.

We are our body’s keeper after all. So get to know your chemical ‘nasties’ and try to become friends with your super-food ingredients. Because super-food ingredients really do feed your skin cells with the correct nutrients they need in order to rejuvenate, heal and glow. Try to use 100% natural products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals, and choose your natural path based on the ingredients that you know will offer what your skin truly needs – nourishing skin food. Much like your gut. This includes your make up and all your other personal care products that you spray, slather, moisturize, tease, grease, wash, deodorize, paint, apply, inject, brush on and more.

Because the skin is the largest organ of the body, (one organ), no matter where you are applying which lotions, sprays or washes, the ‘whole’ skin will absorb these ingredients and be affected. This is where mindfulness comes in. Be mindful. Mind what you are willing to use and and how you are willing to abuse your body. Or, choose to soothe, calm, uplift, heal and glow. The choice is yours.

2. GUT HEALTH – what you eat (put into your body) is another huge factor in the health of your skin. From the gut, comes our immunity health. From the gut comes our ability to self heal. The gut is our body’s engine room. It’s what keeps us waking up every morning either feeling fit and energized, or tired and lethargic. Our gut is the Royal Highness of our body. We must serve the gut in the most humble and nurturing way. In the most appreciative way and the most supportive way, in order for us to look and feel vibrant, energized and glowing.

Because we deserve it. Our very clever gut facilitates waste removal and washes, exfoliates, processes and tries it’s level best to refuel our energy system. Our energy system is the ‘cog in the wheel’ that fuels our muscles, tissues, ligaments, bones, cells and our vitality levels. Eating the right food, facilitates healthy gut levels. Who doesn’t want the strongest engine room possible?

A healthy gut brings with it a consistently renewed you. The best way to pay homage to your gut is to feed it with super-foods it and you deserve. Where does one buy a super-food? Super-foods are found in nature, miraculously designed by Mother Earth, and available to us all as part of this ‘life’ deal we all signed up to. Super-foods offer all sorts of nutrients, phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need and require to function optimally.

This is a diet rich in all sorts of veggies, especially green leafy veggies as they offer pH balancing properties to reduce acid build up in the gut. Fruits are also vital as they offer a myriad of anti-ageing, rejuvenating, refreshing & healing properties.

Fruit also contain a multitude of anti-oxidants and vitamins that naturally promote pro-ageing, cell rejuvenation, cognitive support, brain function, muscle function, collagen production and energy and vitality levels.

And, always hydrate.

Dehydration in the gut can lead to all sorts of health issues including dizziness, headaches, fainting, lethargy depression and early ageing. Go for fresh spring water with freshly squeezed lemon or orange (must be fresh from the fruit not bottled or packed), or filtered water (never drink from the tap, that’s a whole other article..).

Your gut health is the basis for a strong immune system and well, your general health all-round. So it’s an area of your life that you really do need to take ‘care of’ every time you eat. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body. Those processed, ready-made meals, crisps, chips, bread, cakes, biscuits, cereals, sweets, sodas, alcohol, sugar and lots of other pre-packaged, processed foods and drink. Any foods or drink containing high levels of sugar are an absolute NO NO if you want to be friends with your gut and be healthy. Opt instead for freshness and start enjoying the art of making and creating your own food. That way, you’ll know exactly what you are eating.

No hidden ingredients that can cause havoc in the gut.

As an added benefit you’ll also enjoy the #FLY time. (#FLY:FirstLoveYourself). This is important time for you, to nurture yourself and be kind to yourself.Which brings us to our next vital step to glowing skin and well being and what this article is primarily about. So now that the basics are in place,  let’s get to the inner workings of our spyche.

3. Well-BEING – what you think and how you feel is the third factor in the health of your skin trilogy. If you are choosing stressful, anxious, angry, resentful, sad or depressed thoughts, these thoughts will be mirrored straight out of your skin. Did I just way ‘choose’? Who chooses those thoughts and feelings? Well, we all do at one time or another.

But we don’t have to, that’s the beauty. We literally don’t have to choose that heavy space. That’s why it’s super important to learn some quick & easy skills in the art of switching to a lighter frequency and becoming the master in taking care of yourself holistically.

It’s not a trick or a quick fix, it’s a daily practice. A dedication to yourself. Because you’re worth it. It’s a practice that trains your mind to be able to shift when you ‘choose’ to go to the lighter side of life.

Below is a lovely technique with a peaceful, calming visualization meditation that gets you back on the right frequency for vibrant health and well being.

You only need a few minutes every day, but this technique can truly make all the difference in shifting your body at a cellular level, to reveal your best, most glowing self.

You may have read our previous blog about ChannelONE. If not, you may find it interesting, so pop over to it after this read if you fancy. It’s about shifting your brain frequency from channel 2 (sadness, anger, resentment, irritation, stress) to channel ONE (love, hope, happiness, kindness, vibrancy, self confidence, healing). You can be the master of your own happiness and of the health of your skin, and you really should be.  Take control and take responsibility. It’s that simple.

Did I mention your deep self confidence will also emerge, like a graceful owl swooping in gently and making you feel, well just happier, more able to cope and more expansive inside and out.

Here is a quick visualization technique to get you started on your road to pro-active self care

1. Find a comfortable position either sitting crossed legged or lying down

2. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Slow inhalations and slow exhalations. Really focus on your breath and visualize your lungs breathing in fresh oxygen to rejuvenate and bring forth vibrant energy for you. Picture this as you breathe. It’s very powerful.

3. As you breathe in, silently say to yourself ‘Let’. As you breathe out say silently ‘G0’. Really feel all the muscles and tension letting go, right out of your body and away into the distance

4. Imagine a brilliant white light enter the top of your head. This light is pure love, pure healing energy that dances throughout and envelopes your body in calm, loving energy. Imagine this light filling up every cell, every muscle, tissue, organ, ligament, limb, follicle and every single fibre of your body and being. Stay in this lovely vision.

Visualize this white love light whirling through every area as it spreads deep healing, deep rejuvenation and deep nurturing. Know that you are loved.

5. Imagine this white love light healing your skin. See your skin clear of any irritations, pigmentation or any issues you may be suffering with.

Imagine clean, clear, glowing skin all over your body. Picture yourself waking up everyday to glowing skin, where you don’t even need to use cover up anymore. Imagine the healing.

Thank your organs like your liver, spleen and kidneys for flushing out all the toxins in your body and replacing them with vibrant energy to feed the cells.

6. Stay there as long as you like. How does this make you feel? Bring that feeling back with you into your day and watch magic being created in your life.

This should be your daily practice and if possible 2 x per day, just to nudge you back into the healing frequency and allow you to re-member who you truly are. A divine being with infinite potential to create the life of your dreams. Just imagine.

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