March-ing with Intention

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Hello my Lovelies

It’s March. Can you believe it. The time just flies… or #FLYs (First Love Yourself).

Whichever way you look at it, there is no better time than right now. The present. That’s why each and every moment of each and every day is so precious, so special and so unique. It’s all about what YOU make of it. Are you choosing to be a boat bobbing in the ocean, or are you ready to grab the wheel and steer your ship to the destination of your dreams?

This month of March is a new beginning for me as it’s my Birthday month and I used to get a little sad leading up to my birthday, as it was another year under the belt of my life. But nowadays, with my new 2020 Vision and my ChannelONE approach to life (will leave this for my next blog) – I am excited and intrigued for what I may create next. I’m excited to thrive, to live in abundance, to live with purpose, to inspire, to create, to champion causes and to find solutions. Those are my happy areas and the areas I feel most at home in and most alive in.

Have you found out what your happy areas are? When you find your ‘bliss’ your whole life changes in the most amazing and magical ways.

If you are stuck on how to get started, grab a pencil and paper and write a list of everything you desire to create in your life. Focus on your relationships, career, money, happiness and love and see what inspires you. Once it’s down on paper, spend just 5 minutes per day (mornings are ideal just after you wake up) focused on your goals and dreams. Read them, feel them, savour them. Then imagine them becoming reality. Imagine how it will make you feel and how you will create space in your life for these new areas to exist. Your intention is key. Then action is the physical manifestation of these dreams, so be sure to create a project checklist of each step to realize your dreams. It’s quite a lot of fun to see the magic unfold.

So, to celebrate March in a true Pisces way – we are creating some loveliness at our new Cape Town flagship Emporium, located at 41 New Church Street  – right next door the Fire & Ice Hotel. We are glowing with excitement to introduce you to our new baby and really looking forward to seeing you there.

Opening times: Monday – Friday 10am-4pm. Saturdays – By Appointment Only

Email us if you’d like to create an appointment:

Come Play!

Come find natural solutions to perfect pH balance.

Or you can also check out our online shop HERE

Wishing you all a peaceful, joy-filled month

Much love to you lovelies always

Nicole x


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