Our Proudest Moments - A Look Back at 2023

Our Proudest Moments - A Look Back at 2023

Posted by Nicole Sherwin on

Wow! What a year 2023 has been. So much has happened and it seemed to have flown by in the blink of an eye.

So special to have this incredible group of humans as our team, it feels like a loving family. We’ve had a beautiful year filled with so much support, love & kindness - to each other, with our suppliers & with our amazing clients. We feel so blessed to get to do what we love with like-minded, same ethically-focused humans, who make our journey that much richer and sweeter. As a super small team I’m so proud we’ve managed to create & manifest many blessings this year, and want to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful team who made it all happen.

Some Highlights of 2023:

  • Our Vitamin Body Oil was crowned best of the best in clean beauty category awards by @womanandhome_sa
  • Our Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist was crowned best of the best in clean beauty awards by @glamour_sa magazines
  • We launched our single Superfood Makeup Cover Balms, so you can easily swap out any of the cover balms from our makeup set that have been used more than others. Or, just try one of the colours to see how it loves your skin.
  • We launched international shipping on our website so the folks living all over the globe can also benefit from our healing formulations.
  • I also started writing my Sundaze Musings emailers on my travels, sharing more about my private journey to skin health. And am so thrilled they have been well received. Your feedback inspires me.
  • I’ve also been inspired to write many different editorial features about skin health, gut health & mental health - #FLY - the art of self-care for healing, and I’ve enjoyed writing every one of these. So it’s a double blessing to have had all of them published in various online and print magazine with over 500 features. I’m inspired to share more in 2024, as these topics are becoming more acceptable to talk about.
  • We launched our MakeUp Masterclasses, hosted at our Emporium in the Sea Point Medical Centre. Each class has been sold out and I’m so happy people are loving them. We get to share our tips & hacks to skin health, how to balance your skin microbiome, how to have the best gut health & mental health, plus demonstrate how to use our cover balm set to contour, shadow & highlight your face like a pro with just 4 cover balm shades.
  • We launched into fabulous like-minded retailers & holistic health practitioners around the country- who understand the healing power of superfoods for skin.
  • We launched our Good Gut Glow superfood smoothie shake to offer healing and glow from the inside out. These have been so well received we are currently fully sold out. (Don’t worry though, a fresh new batch will be available in January).
  • We re-packaged our body products into gorgeous, sexy glass packaging that we’re loving. Our DivaGlow Shimmer was sold out, but a fresh new batch is currently in stock now.
  • Our pHresh Family range found themselves with hot new, more user-friendly packaging and the demand has shown us that this family range is here to stay and might be growing in size next year.

None of this would have been possible without the support and dedication from our amazing team. I feel very blessed to have these gorgeous humans surrounding me every day.

On behalf of our small team at Eco Diva Natural, we all want to take this opportunity as the year comes to a close, and take a pause moment to THANK each and every one of you, for your interest, your support, your loyalty and your wonderful feedback of skin healing stories. We feel very blessed to be part of your life in our own small way.

We've grown our superfood skincare community into a magical space and flowing energy frequency, and I am forever grateful that I get to do what I love everyday, supporting the healing of people's skin through mind, body and soul. So grateful to have found my calling. I remain exceptionally passionate about our brand and cannot wait to share all the exciting news with you in 2024!!

Wishing you everything wonderful during the holiday period and a super happy 2024 in every way that matters to you.

Much love

Nicole xx

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