We Don’t Believe in Skin Types

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At Eco Diva, we believe that skin ‘types’ only exist when the skin’s pH levels are out of balance.
This can be caused by the following:
  1. The use of products that contain certain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals, cocoamide, methylparaben or propylparaben. According to numerous studies, there are more than 800 chemicals commonly used in commercial skin care products, 44 of which are potentially harmful. The body lotions, hand creams and moisturizers that you are using to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate or soften your skin, could actually be the cause of dry, cracked, oily, combination, pigmentation or other skin irritations.

Further disruption: Those same chemicals, when applied to skin, are absorbed through the skin and into your body and vital organs. Once in the body, these chemicals have to be processed by your liver, which is a heavy burden on the functioning of the liver.  That’s why it’s crucial to understand the ingredients in the products that you use on a daily basis.

Have you checked your ingredient lists on labels lately? If not, it’s high time that you do in order to take control of your skin health.

2. Another factor in causing skin ‘types’, is combining different brands in your daily skincare routine. If we are not conscious of this, it may also cause havoc to the balance of skin.

For example, if you use a face wash or cleanser from one brand, a scrub from another brand, a cream from another brand, a serum from yet another brand, etc – all the various ingredients could be creating a war on your skin. The use of multi-brand products could be sending too many confusing messages to your skin all at once, which can disrupt the natural ecosystem of the dermis and epidermis

 3. An acid forming diet can also contribute to your skin’s pH levels being out of balance. Best way to combat this is to become a ‘conscious eater’. Start researching ingredients in the foods and drinks you consume. If you don’t recognise some of the not-so-easy-to-pronounce ingredients, these could be causing your gut flora to go out of balance, creating a knock-on effect with your skin.
Ensure you are eating 70% plant based foods (fresh veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits) and far less meat, dairy, alcohol, refined sugar, and gluten.
Your body and your skin will love you for this.
Find products that are designed to match the skin’s molecular structure to ensure consistent pH balance and gorgeously glowing, healthy skin every single day. Because it’s your time to #FLY

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