8 Ethical Gift Ideas

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8 Ethical Gift Ideas for Festive Season

You Save – We Give Back

This festive season, we wanted to mix it up a bit. Give back a bit. Be a bit more conscious. Think about our impact and our footprint on the earth. So, with that in mind, we’ve curated our 2020 gift guide that makes it simple and easy to save on our gifting specials. You’ll also give back & pay it forward with our ethical festive gifting options and eco wrapping ideas. We’re planting more trees for every purchase this fe[pH]estive season. PLUS even more gifts for you, we’re offering selected gifts at up to 20% off.

We’ve got some lovely gifts that keep on giving. Here is our ethical festive season gift guide:

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8 Ethical Gift Ideas:

  1. Festive Gifts for her: Happy Ambient Mist, Divaglowshimmer Body Butter, Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist, The Ultimate Trio Set, Body & Foot Scrub, Superfood Face Serum, Make-Up Brush Cleaner
  2. Festive Gifts for him: Toiletry Travel Bag, & Body Oil
  3. Festive Gifts for my father:  Gentle Calming WashHydrating Face Mask,
  4. Festive Gifts for my mother: Creme Brûlée Body Butter, Face Wash, Per[pH]ect Pro-Ageing Solution Set, Hand Purifier, Hydrating Masque
  5. Festive Gifts for my teenager: Divaglowshimmer lips, cheeks, eyes, Face Masks, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars, Per[pH]ect Acne Solution Set, Lip Balm
  6. Festive gift wrapping ideas:
  • Find an old box at home that isn’t being used and place your gift inside. Close up the box.
  • Choose recycled newspaper or repurposed wrapping paper from last year.
  • Wrap your gift box
  • Tie beautifully with organic string or rope
  • Place a succulent cactus cutting or fresh leaves from the garden as your decoration on top of the box
  • Give your gift with love and happy thoughts

We’d love to hear your DIY festive gifting and eco gift-wrapping ideas, so pop your stories in comments below so we can share your natural inspirations and help others to #FLY (FirstLoveYourself)

Happy holiday shopping you beauties


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