Relaxing Bath & Foot Soak – Review

Relaxing Bath & Foot Soak – Review

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We just had to post this as it really sets the stage for just how divalicious our Bath & Foot Soak experience is… Thank you Tanya, for your heart & soul review… we LOVE it!


“We all love getting presents, and the best presents are the ones you receive for no special reason or occasion – the totally unexpected surprise that already lifts yours spirit when you receive it.

I was gifted an Eco Diva Bath and Foot Soak this weekend, given with love (but with no indication of any danger)

Being a girl, the first thing I did when I got home was to open the packet to have a little sniff, and that’s when my problem started – this Eco Diva Bath and Foot Soak smells like happiness – fresh, a little fruity and HAPPY (it’s a smell to me)

As we all know, Cape Town residents are still subject to water restrictions, so I had a little dilemma, should I go visit family in JHB just for the use of their water, wait until the winter rain had (hopefully) filled our dams or bend the rules a little.

Knowing that all the Eco Diva products are 100% Natural and Eco Friendly, I reasoned that if I ran a little water in my bath and just soaked my feet, saved the water and reused it, I would still be within my water usage limits.

So – I ran a little water in the bath and added some Eco Diva Bath and Foot Soak. However, there is no warning label on the bag that states that the happiness scent increases when added to water and may affect one’s thinking

Already feeling more relaxed than I have in weeks, I proceeded to soak my feet and almost immediately the rest of my body started sending messages; “not fair, we also want to try”.

I like to pay attention to my body and it’s needs; so I added a little more water and a little more body to the bath, and more water and more body, until I was lying in a bath full of water with my whole body submerged.

I can only describe this feeling as pure bliss and joy – aches that I assumed were just elderly aches that had permanently joined my life seemed to melt away, my brain fog started lifting and slight hallucinations of Island getaways and spa treatments took place

Every part of my mind and body was in a happy place, a very, very happy place. “Wow, this is great”, “why haven’t we done this before” and “lets never leave” messages were received from all over my body.

We did eventually leave our happy place, feeling lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated. My skin has still not stopped saying thank you, silky smooth and soft – really soft.

I think Eco Diva should add ‘A Sprinkling of Magic’ to the ingredient list, as this is definitely not a regular Bath and Foot Soak in that deceivingly innocent little black bag.

PS: I’m really glad that I was not thinking clearly when I decided to soak my feet, I have no idea how I would have fitted my whole body into a little bucket that would be logical to use for a foot soak… And we did reuse the water, a lot of happy flushes that seemed to make the toilet a brighter better smelling place too”

(Please don’t let anyone know that we are already planning our next accidental full body bath)

If you’re not convinced by this review… see for yourself HERE

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