3 Steps to Clear Blackheads & Breakouts

Posted by Nicole Sherwin on

Today, we’d like to share 3 lifestyle changes you can make, to balance and encourage clear, blemish free skin.

1. Gut Health

Start by looking at the gut health- ensure lots of leafy fresh green veggies to alkaline the system & fresh fruits for enzyme & antioxidant absorption, 6-8 glasses of spring water with freshly squeezed lemon to assist with [pH] balance. Vitamin supplements a, e, c & zinc– excellent for cell regeneration & optimal hormonal function. Daily probiotic to help the gut flora that helps to balance gut, skin and emotional well-being. Cut down or preferably Avoid: meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol.

2. Skin Health

For skin health look for the most natural plant- based skincare & personal care products that don’t contain any toxic preservatives or ingredients. Natural products that help to balance skin [pH] and offer antioxidants and superfoods to feed skin from the outside in.

3. Emotional Health

Find daily joy-filled activities like walking in nature, meditation, yoga, dance, sport, anything that offers feel-good feelings to keep the mind & emotions calm, happy & positive- out of a fear state. This assists in the healing & balancing of the entire endochrine system – that ultimately leads to clean & clear skin.

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