5 Inspiring ways to show Mom your love this Mother’s Day

5 Inspiring ways to show Mom your love this Mother’s Day

Posted by Nicole Sherwin on

How do you show the most important person in your life how much she means to you?

Here are 5 inspiring ways to show Mom your love & gratitude:

1. TO DO LIST: Ask Mom for her ‘to do’ list and offer to take care of 3 areas for her. She’ll just love that.

2. HIGH TEA LIVE CHAT: If there are still certain lockdown restrictions, set up a video conference call and prepare a High Tea spread so you can show her in person how much she means to you. Invite her best friends to join in as well.

3. PHOTO ALBUM: Go through old albums and create an online photo album or scrapbook – there are lots of different platforms that allow you to make albums

4. PLANT A TREE: Donate to www.trees.org.za and plant a tree in her honour

5. WEEKEND TREAT: Plan a Mother daughter/son  weekend for when lockdown is lifted. Even just a walk on the beach or in the forest.

Can you imagine how she will smile?

We wanted to create something really special for all the amazing, beautiful, kind, patient, capable, multi-talented Mothers who work tirelessly with body, mind & soul to support and take care of us all.

And, we thought what better way to spoil her than with choice…

That’s why we’ve come up with what we feel is a wonderful way to share your love and appreciation for all that your Mom is and all that she does for you. A real THANK YOU for all her care & attention, all her love & support and for being your biggest teacher, your rock, your fan, your inspiration, your friend.

Introducing our new Eco Diva GIFT CARD just for you.

A Gift Card that makes it easy & simple to show Mom just how much you love her, no matter where she lives. A Gift that shares your love with our #divalicious pampering products to balance, calm, uplift, & help mom glow even more brightly – like the Goddess she is.

Just what she needs after the restrictive, emotional roller-coaster of global lock-down.

With the purchase of each Gift Card to the value of R200 or more, this is how we will be contributing to the sharing of your love:

1. PERSONALIZED MESSAGE: You can write your own personal note at checkout on your order form (must be in ‘notes’ section) and we will hand write your beautiful message on our #FLY (First Love Yourself) cards, so when Mom opens her care package, your special words will be there to greet her.

2. FREE GUIDEBOOK: Mom will also receive our brand new Guidebook; PerpHect Solutions – 30 days to skin health, gut health & wellness for FREE with our love. Just pop Mom’s email address in your order form and we’ll email her our Guidebook on your behalf.

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