Afternoon Express – Sensitive Skin

Afternoon Express – Sensitive Skin

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This week on SABC3’s Afternoon Express, Eco Diva Nicole covers sensitive and desensitized skin and how to soothe and reduce these skin issues naturally. To find out more, watch the segment above.

What is the difference between sensitive and desensitized skin and how can we nurture the largest organ of the body back to it’s natural pH balance? To find out more, watch segment above

Sensitive skin refers to a range of conditions, from ailments such as rosacea and eczema, to severe allergies. While many people can have a skin reaction at some point or another to a product or ingredient, those with persistent issues are classified as having sensitive skin

Skin desensitization refers to a reduced sense of touch or sensation, or a partial loss of sensitivity to sensory stimuli.

Your diet and gut health play an integral role in the health of your skin. For both conditions we recommend consuming 70% organic veggies, especially the green veg like broccoli, cucumber, spinach, kale, beans and celery. These particular veggies are high in vitamins A,C, K, folate, anti-oxidants and minerals like calcium & magnesium, that assist the body’s natural process from the inside out to create a protective barrier and allow the skin to absorb the nutrient’s it needs to continually self-heal.

Consuming certain foods can really put a heavy strain on your liver, kidneys and intestines, which in turn will need to find a way to be eliminated and this may occur through the skin. Try to avoid the following: Sugar, cereals, alcohol, red meat, dairy and gluten. Remember to drink plenty of pure water every day to flush out any toxin build up.

For skin sensitivity and or irritations, we’ve created a really easy to make, affordable home treatment that will definitely show results.

 Skin Soothing Balm


2 tablespoon Olive Oil – (anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, vitamin-rich)

4 tablespoons Coconut Oil  – (anti-bacterial, hydrating, deeply moisturizing)

1 tablespoon Honey -(anti-bacterial, anti-oxidants, anti-septic, nutrient-rich)

1 teaspoon Turmeric powder -(anti-inflammatory, anti-septic)

4 drops Chamomile essential oil (soothing, calming, relaxing)

Directions: Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly with a mixing spoon or wooden spoon to create a paste. Apply to skin as often as needed. We recommend 2-4 x per day for serious skin irritation.

*For those of you who may not have time to make your own, our Crème Brûlée Body Butter is extremely soothing & calming for sensitive skin & has wonderful multi-use benefits.

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