Thriving through Covid-19

Thriving through Covid-19

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In line with action from the government, businesses and other organisations around the country Eco Diva is taking all necessary steps to ensure staff and customer health & safety.

Our staff are working from home, except Mondays & Fridays when we will be in our sanitised D.C to pick, pack and ship your health & hygiene-focused products to you. We ask that you are patient at this time as our third party courier companies are adjusting to the new regulations as they change.

We are fortunate as an online business, to be able to keep operating despite restrictions on person-to-person contact.

We look forward to keeping your skin, your gut and your mind healthy at all times

Wishing you health, strength and calm as we transition into this new phase of life

As always, much love to you

Nicole & your Eco Diva Natural Family

“I call on all of us, one and all, to play our part. To be courageous, to be patient, and above all, to show COMPASSION.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

Just imagine . . . waking up in the morning and consciously choosing ChannelONE  – the love frequency to gently and effectively keep you in balance – the art of being present and pro-active instead of off-balance, unhappy and reactive. A frequency where we control our reactions to events happening around us. Where we create the loveliest, most harmonious life we can within this new pinch. Where we still follow our dreams, but are able to adapt and pivot to new ways of thinking and doing business and running our lives. Where we take responsibility for our experiences. A frequency of gratitude for everything we have, do and create in our lives. Where we focus on and appreciate our immediate family and friends. Our nearest and dearest. Where we feel safe and protected. Where we create the ultimate home experiences. The Danes have a beautiful word to describe this; HYGGE: Hygge is defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” It is about family and creating sensory spaces. It’s about uncluttered style, elegant comfort and feelings of togetherness.

So is this pandemic a good or bad thing? It’s all about individual perspective and choice. It might be inconvenient, but what it does offer is some slow time. I know I’m in much need of a bit of slow time.

Just imagine…. the time to breathe, to clean out that old storeroom or den. Maybe it’s time to get creative with the kids and get stuck into growing your own veggies and fruits, spend more time with the ones we love and ensure we all get through this together. Maybe it’s time to get fully stuck into recycling, re-using and re-educating ourselves. Maybe it’s time to re-train our brains. Maybe it’s time to bring more nature into our lives and homes, to ground us and make us feel part of the whole. Maybe it’s time to learn meditation techniques and practice yoga and dance like no-one is watching. Maybe it’s time learn that new cooking skill you’ve been waiting to learn…. maybe now is the time.

Just imagine.


  • Disinfect your hands regularly
  • Disinfect your cell phones regularly
  • Disinfect all surfaces 3-4 time per day
  • Towel dry your hands after washing them
  • Make use of the South African Whatsapp hotline for any questions you may need answered: 0600 123 456.
  • Please do not hoard or bombard medical supplies and suppliers.
  • Reach our and get in contact with any elderly neighbours or friends who might not be able to shop for themselves at this time.
  • Continue to follow the Corona Virus updates as they happen -while remaining centred, calm and pro-active
  • Along with supplementing your lifestyle with vitamins and minerals, maintain healthy eating habits, exercise or dance at home and focus on strong mental practices to support your immune system like meditation and yoga.


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